Consignment Guidelines 2023

If you are a new consignor with etc. Consignment Shoppe, WELCOME!  Please watch this video to learn about consigning with us for the first time:

New Consignor Information to learn how to consign for the first time at etc Consignment Shoppe in Winston-Salem, NC

New Option: "Walk in Wednesday" You may do a "wait in the store consignment" without an appointment.  WEDNESDAYS ONLY BETWEEN 10-2. Limit to 20 items.


1. Wait in the Store (requires an appointment) 

  • Limit to 30 items   
  • You bring your items in and we go through them while you wait
  • Any items not accepted along with your hangers are sent back with you. 
  • For new consignors AND those who wish to have us return all items we are unable to select for consignment
Learn about the "wait in store' consignment appointments at etc. Consignment Shoppe in Winston-Salem. NC



2. Drop and Run

  • Drop and Run option is for ESTABLISHED CONSIGNORS ONLY
  • No appointment necessary Wednesday-Thursday 10-4 Friday and Saturday 10-12
  • When you arrive, check in at the Drop & Run Counter BEFORE bringing your items in to the store
  • We will give you a bin to place your neatly folded clothing items in or home decor. You can take the bin to your car to fill if you prefer. 
  • One drop and run per day
  • One bin per day
  • Items not accepted will automatically be donated
  • Clothing will be accepted neatly folded. (Garbage bags are not accepted)
  • For Home Decor items you will receive one bin and are allowed 5 larger items outside of the bin. For ex: Framed Art, Lamps, Bedding, etc...


Learn about Drop & Run consignments at etc Consignment Shoppe in Winston-Salem, NC





As a consignor, you have TWO DIFFERENT LOGINS for your account:

1) Consignor Login:  allows you to access your consignment balance

2) Appointment Scheduler Login:  allows you to schedule an appointment for consignment.  If this is your first time scheduling an appointment, you will need to register.  Again, this is not the same as your Consignor Login.


Here are a few things to remember as you are preparing your items to consign:

For Clothing and Accessories:

  • Clothing items should be neat, clean, pressed and on hangers, ready to go to the sales floor. Please review them for the following potential flaws:
  • Holes, stains, pilling, fading or other damage.
  • Missing buttons or fasteners, broken zippers
  • Shoes should be free of stains and marks on the inside and out, as well as checked for money, wrappers or any other things left behind.
  • Free of fragrance/odor
  • All watches and toys need batteries so we can see if they actually work.
  • Clothing in garbage bags will not be accepted (no exceptions)
  • All items must be authentic. If we are unable to verify the authenticity we will be unable to accept it. ( See Authenticity tab under Consign)

Household Items and Furniture:

  • Home decor and household items must be clean and ready for display with all pieces/parts attached and in working order
  • Small furniture items are accepted any day during our posted consignment hours
  • Large piece(s) of furniture or upholstery need prior approval. We must determine if it meets our guidelines and if we currently have space on the sales floor.

Approval may be requested by bringing in pictures of the item OR by sending an email to the store ( with the pictures. A staff member will review the pictures and let you know how to proceed.


  • Exercise equipment
  • Baby equipment (anything you put a baby in)
  • Any light fixtures that have to be hard-wired
  • Electric blankets
  • Dollar Tree items (we aren't able to accept items we price lower than around $8)
  • Cosmetic bags or other items that were free with a purchase
  • Lampshades without lamps unless they are very special
  • Photo albums
  • Wedding Gowns
  • Rugs larger than 5'x7'
  • Eucalyptus - we have an employee who is very allergic


  • Stuffed animals should be brand new or barely used
  • Dried flowers/wreaths if anything is falling off of them (do the shake test and if anything comes off, we are unable to accept)
  • Furs are accepted on a case-by-case basis, but if they shed, we are unable to accept them
  • Don't accept any form of DVD or CD (unless it is kids, but we are very selective on those)
  • Luggage must have 360 wheels
  • Lingerie & swimwear must be new with tags

 Click to read the etc consignment shoppe consignor agreement