Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do we price the items we bring in to consign?   No, we price items according to condition, age and our 28 years’ experience.

  2. Do the clothes have to be on hangers when I bring them in to consign? Do they need to be dry-cleaned or ironed?   We ask that you bring your items in on hangers for several reasons. It makes them easier to go through and also keeps them less wrinkled, wrinkles don’t sell. You can bring sweaters, jeans and kids clothes not on hangers but we ask you fold them carefully. Your items need to be clean and “ready to wear” How your items are brought to us is how they go out on our floor.

  3. Do I get my hangers back?   You will get your hangers back if you are doing a wait in store consignment but not if you do a drop and run.

  4. What is a drop and run?   A drop and run is for established consignors only-you drop your consignment off and we go through it at our convenience. Any item not accepted is donated. You do not receive your hangers back.You may do a drop and run Wed-Thurs. 10-4 and Friday and Saturday 10-12 with no appointment. It is recommended that you watch the drop and run video on our website under the consign tab.

  5. How long do the items stay on the floor?   Your items stay in the store for approximately 60 days.

  6. What happens at the end of my consignment time?   When you bring your items in you are given a pick up date. If you choose not to pick up the items if they don’t sell they become the property of etc.

  7. Am I responsible for finding the items to be picked up?   If you choose to do so then yes you are, but we provide you a detail sheet showing you all items that would need to be picked up. Etc. will be happy to retrieve them for you for a fee of 1.00 per item.

  8. Do I pay an annual fee?   Yes there is a $5.00 fee that is paid up front when you first consign and then is taken out of your account for every year you continue to consign.

  9. How do I get my money?   Money goes into your account when an item sells and you may come to the store any day during business hours to collect what is owed to you. You also can choose to leave your proceeds and use as store credit toward your purchases. We will mail a check at the end of the consignment period for anyone who can’t come to the store, we ask that you send a self-addressed stamped envelope.

  10. Can someone else pick up my money?   Anyone may pick up your money that you tell us has the authority to do so. Your request must be made in person and we will ask whomever is picking up your money to bring a photo ID.

  11. Do you all take wedding gowns?   No, we don’t take wedding gowns. However, formals do extremely well during holiday and prom seasons.

  12. How do I consign furniture?   If the item is small enough for you to carry in the store then you would bring that in just like any other home item. If it is a large piece then we ask that you send an email ( with a picture of the item so we can provide approval prior to you bringing it to the store. You would need to get the item to the store. Etc. doesn’t pick up and deliver. We do have names of moving companies that we trust and have used for several years. We are happy to share those with you.

  13. We receive 40% of the selling price? Yes, here is what etc. does for our percentage:
  • We take in your items and mark with name/date.
  • We check for any flaws. Clothing is put on hangers.
  • We look up/assign a price, print price tickets.
  • We attach tickets to your items.
  • The item then makes its way to the sales floor (no magic involved) and during the 60 day consignment period it is touched again and again when we straighten the store.
  • We sell some items online and photograph for social media.
  • Item is potentially sold at cash register!
  • This equals your item being handled a multitude of times.
  • We rent a space, display your item, heat/cool/maintain building & provide jobs for local people.
  • It literally takes a small happy village to operate this place