Copy copy of Consignment Guidelines (Non-COVID-19)

Consignment Overview:

At etc. Consignment, we work each day to create a process for consigning that makes it easy to consign as well as keeping our business practices transparent to our customers.  If, at any time you have questions, please call the store (336-659-7786).  We're happy to help you through our process and get you the answers you need.  

  • Consignors receive 40% of the final selling price (less any fees & taxes)
  • Payment for items sold may be collected by coming in to etc. during store hours.  Click HERE to check your account balance
  • The consignment period is approximately 60 days
        - At the end of your consignment period, consignors may come into etc. to locate and pick up any unsold items    
       - With 48-hour notice, etc. will be glad to retrieve your items for you at a charge of $1 per item
              - A $10 fee is charged for items picked up before they have been on the sales floor for 50 days
              - Unsold and unclaimed items will become the property of etc.
              - There is a $5 registration fee, which is renewed annually
              - Pricing and discounting of items is at the discretion of etc.
              - etc. will use care, but is not responsible for consigned items in case of theft, fire, damage or other unforeseen circumstances. 

Consignment Times: 

  • Tuesday - Thursday: 9am - 4pm (first come, first served)
  • Tuesday - Saturday: "Drop and Run" with scheduled online appointments
    • Drop and Run option is for established consignors only.  
    • Leave your items during your scheduled appointment time and we will donate anything we can't accept and will dispose of your hangers
    • Great option for those who don't want to wait or can't come during normal consignment hours
  • Monday, Friday & Saturday: "Wait in the Store" scheduled online appointments 

For Clothing & Accessories:

  • Clothing items should be neat, clean, pressed an on hangers, ready to go to the sales floor.  We are not able to accept items if they are not in perfect or near-perfect condition.  As you prepare your items for consignment, please review your them for the following potential flaws:
    • Holes, stains, pilling, fading or other damage
    • Missing buttons or fasteners
    • Broken zippers
    • Shoes should be clean and without scuffs, toe marks, cracked material or any other defect
    • Purses should be free of stains and marks on the inside and out as well as checked for money, wrappers or any other things left behind
    • Everything consigned must be free of any fragrance/odor
  • Clothing in garbage bags or plastic grocery sacks will not be accepted (no exceptions).
  • All items must be authentic.  If we are unable to verify the authenticity, we will be unable to accept it.
  • Clothing and accessories should be current styles and in season
    • Seasonal Guidelines:
      • Spring:  February, March, April
      • Summer:  May, June, July
      • Fall:   August, September, October
      • Winter: November, December, January

For Household Items:

  • Home decor and household items must be clean and ready for display with all pieces/parts attached and in working order
  • Small furniture items are accepted any day during our posted consignment hours
  • Large piece(s) of furniture or upholstery:
    • Consignors receive 50% of the final selling price (less any fees or taxes).  Check with our staff to verify the category of your items and the consignment split.
    • Before bringing in an piece of furniture/upholstery, prior approval is required.  We must determine if it meets our guidelines and if we currently have space on our sales floor.  Approval may be requested by:
      • Bringing in pictures of the item (all sides, angles, inside) OR 
      • sending an email to the store ( with the same pictures . 
    • A staff member will review the pictures and determine if there currently is space on the sales floor and you will be notified
    • If approved, we ask that you give us a call before you bring in your furniture piece so we can make sure we have the staff to help, if needed.